Around a decade ago, in 2014, the seeds of our journey were planted. It initially all began with a vision, a dream to revolutionize the world of pet care naturally. Sherly, our visionary CEO, embarked on this entrepreneurial voyage with nothing but a robust business plan, a stack of inventory on paper, and an unwavering passion to redefine pet wellness.

The journey wasn't easy; it demanded perseverance and resilience. For five years, we tirelessly spread the message of holistic pet care, partnering with local businesses and major brands to amplify our reach. Our mission was clear: to empower pet parents with the knowledge and resources to give their furry companions a healthier, happier life.

Then came the unexpected challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many businesses, the business faced financial strain, eventually leading to the difficult decision to close our doors in early 2021. Sherly's unwavering hunger for success propelled her forward. Despite the setbacks, Sherly's entrepreneurial spirit remained undeterred. 

Instead of retreating back to a conventional corporate job, Sherly saw an opportunity to pivot. With a newfound determination, she ventured into the world of online retail, driven by a passion to empower women through fashion and self-love. Today, launching Zoharas Vogue stands as a testament to Sherly's unwavering determination and passion. Our mission remains unchanged: to teach women to embrace their unique style with confidence and live boldly. At Zoharas Vogue, every woman is celebrated for her individuality, and our curated collections empower her to shine brightly, inside and out. ~ Zoharas Vogue