A decade ago, in the bustling streets of corporate to entrepreneurship, our founder, Sherly embarked on a totally opposite journey of where she is today in fashion. It all started in 2014 when Sherly set out to revolutionize the healthcare of pets. Armed with a business plan, sheer determination, and a passion for natural pet wellness, Sherly established her first pet boutique.

For five years, Sherly's boutique was a beacon of knowledge, spreading awareness about holistic pet care through various channels. Sherly's relentless efforts led to strategic partnerships with local businesses and major brand, Chick Fil A, was our largest supporting business partner. Our partners assisted our marketing efforts and with the "Eat Mor Chikin" Cow waving down new customers and allowing our store to amplify our message of healthy pet nutrition. In our partnership with the major brand our pet boutique offered in the drive-thru to pooches a free doggie treat and other partnership would soon set the pet boutique up for success bringing in new customers.

Driven by a desire to give every furry friend a fighting chance at a vibrant life, Sherly poured her heart into the business. Despite navigating through multiple government shutdowns and financial strain, Sherly's unwavering hunger for success propelled her forward. However, the unforeseen challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic tested her resilience. 

In early stage of covid, confronted with the daunting decision of closing the pet business amid the financial strains of the pandemic, Sherly faced a pivotal moment. After the dust settled from the disappointment of this decision, she recognized the need for a fresh start. Embracing the opportunity for reinvention, Sherly turned to another passion: the world of fashion.

Motivated by a passion for empowerment, Sherly aimed to focus on nurturing women self-care. She envisioned a space that prioritized celebrating individuality, advocating body positivity, and nurturing sisterhood. With a vision to encourage women to embrace their strength and resilience, she infused empowering messages into her platform. Sherly’s aim was to empower women to feel confident, empowered, and proud of their abilities. 

With a vision to inspire confidence and self-love, Sherly launched ZoharasVogue—a destination for fearless style and empowerment. Tirelessly researching the latest trends and digital marketing strategies, Sherly curated a collection that embodied radiance and beauty.

Today, ZoharasVogue stands as a testament to Sherly's unwavering determination and passion. Our mission remains unchanged: to teach women to embrace their unique style with confidence and live boldly. At ZoharasVogue, every woman is celebrated for her individuality, and our curated collections to empower her to shine brightly, inside and out. Embrace Your Vogue.